Authorised Engineering Organisation

Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) in Australia

The AEO framework was developed by the ASA establishment team based on ASA guidance, which drew themselves from other international standards such as ISO 55001 Asset management and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 Systems and software engineering — System life cycle processes, to promote private sector participation in transport innovation, improve engineering governance, and to instate a benchmark standard for all TfNSW engineering management processes and specifying the necessary steps to meet their requirements.

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What is AEO certification?

Achieving Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) status can prove to be a challenging undertaking. However, its benefits far outweigh the trouble.

The Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) authorisation is Transport of NSW’s (TfNSW) attempt at creating an ecosystem where the public and private sectors can combine forces, mutually benefit from each other, and raise the bar for engineering industry standards.

What is AEO?

Benefits of AEO certification

AEO offers significant benefits to your business in terms of growth and securing larger and longer-term contracts.

In an effort to support private sector participation in the construction, operation and maintenance of transport assets while remaining confident in its supply chain’s capability to produce safe and fit-for-purpose assets, TfNSW has developed 11 Engineering Management Capability Areas (EMCA) against which AEO applicants are assessed, representing the fundamental organisational practices that are required for an organisation to be deemed capable of delivering assured engineering services effectively.

Benefits of AEO

authorised engineering organisation (AEO) requirements

The requirements for authorised engineering organisation

The requirement evidence states that AEOs must have the appropriate plans, processes, procedures, guides or manuals that outline how their services are consistently carried out in the absence of, or in combination with, the contractually specified relevant processes.

AEO requirements

Transport for NSW Authorised Engineering Organisation

How to get NSW audited

AEO is both an assessment and an audit process used to assess authorisation seekers’ engineering assurance arrangements to determine whether to grant them AEO status or not. After the initial AEO status is granted, AEO’s engineering outputs will be subject to periodic surveillance audits by the identified residual risk from the original assessment. The process consists of a risk-based assurance governance methodology between TfNSW and its suppliers that consistently and systematically builds on increased self-assurance and continuous improvement.

AEO Audit

How much does AEO consulting fees costs?

Cost of an Authorised Engineering Organisation

Because no two organisations are the same, there is no ‘one size fits all’ price when it comes to costing AEO consulting fees, and several elements come into play, such as the scope of the authorisation sought, the size of the applicant organisation, its current capabilities to deliver safe and fit-for-purpose assets etc.

Cost of AEO

Process of Authorised Engineering Organisation

What is the process for becoming an Authorised Engineering Organisation

The AEO authorisation process is no walk in the park. To facilitate this arduous process, TfNSW has broken it down into three separate sections, each fulfilling a specific purpose within the selection process. Organisations seeking authorisation should familiarise themselves with the authorisation process as much as possible to ensure they are setup for success.

Process of AEO

AEO Consultation

Edara helps organisations obtain AEO accreditation on their behalf, at a fast turnaround time, and with zero financial risk, in order to grow their businesses, win tenders, and improve their quality, OHS, and environmental management systems.

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