GPS Digital Timesheets

Saving time is only the beginning

This GPS-driven module is a gamechanger for any organisation
• Save time, money and resources
• Eliminate site crowding
• Promote accountability

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Work Health and Safety

Catch risks before they catch up to you

Anticipate workplace hazards in the name of safety and success

• Save time, eliminate incidents
• Improve safety culture
• Fully customisable

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Plant & Equipment

Gear up and be equipped for success

No job can run smoothly and efficiently without the comprehensive management of all plant and equipment used onsite. This module allows you to:

• create and maintain an in-depth, easy-access plant and equipment database
• items are searchable by a wide range of criteria, servicing and maintenance records
• all data accessible by all workers with QR Code scanning of the plant

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24/7 Safety Paperwork

No emergency too complex or challenging

Ready and waiting on any day at any time for any compliance-related reason
• Safety paperwork and tendering
• High Risk Construction SWMS
• Safety Management Plans

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Systems, Documentation, Certifications

Everything and everyone in perfect working order

Edara Systems gives you access to a full-service documentation completion team
• IMS documentation
• ISO certifications
• Other accreditations

Injury Management Services & Workers Compensation

Less loss, more management

Full range of services to make injury management a breeze
• 24/7 injury reporting hotline
• 24/7 dedicated RTW coordinator
• Claims lodgement

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An Edara Systems’ membership gives you instant access to a powerful portal and a team of industry experts that take the boulder off your back so you can better focus on scaling the mountain to success. No longer will the brunt of your time and money go towards complex compliance and related administrative management as our advanced systems work for and with you.

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Everything we do is designed to keep organisations compliant to the minute, so that the right amount of time and attention can be put into the actual work. No matter how much the industry evolves, we will continue to create new and state-of-the-art solutions that allow your organisation to reach new heights of success.

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Addressing and managing all compliance needs gives you the freedom to focus on the bigger picture and our comprehensive digital and physical membership package does exactly that and more. Our system is split into two sides, the digital side and the human side – both of which combine to help your organisation reach its peak potential.

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Edara Systems’ powerful integrated, automated portal is a 360-degree turnkey solution that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation. It contains 14 signature modules, each of which target an area of necessity, so that you remain:

  • conformed to all industry standards and requirements
  • free of the nitty gritty so you can focus on what matters
  • supported by a hub that organises, centralizes and streamlines all compliance processes


In addition to our powerful portal, we offer hands-on, full-service documentation construction and completion in all areas of compliance, plus 24/7 compliance hotlines. In other words, we physically take care of all your complicated paperwork so that you can remain:

  • Compliant to the latest standards and requirements
  • Supported at any time for any reason
  • Red-tape free

Edara Modules

14 signature modules, each of which streamline an area of necessity

GPS Digital Timesheets

GPS-driven module that’s a gamechanger for any organisation

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Plant & Equipment

Identify and eliminate hazards before they become hazardous

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Training Management

Assign and monitor employee actions for increased efficiency

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Digital Forms

A program to keep employees healthy and happy

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ICAM Investigation

Company Action

Injury Management

Inspections & Audits