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Zain Jafar : Principal Consultant

Meet Zain Jafar

As the Principal Consultant of Edara Systems, Zain leads the company’s compliance consulting for clients. With over 20 years of experience in the civil construction and infrastructure industries, he is today one of the top experts in safety and compliance regulation. Zain is passionate about his work and is also the brain behind our Award winning compliance software. In his current role, Zain is active in a variety of areas including OHS Policy, Safety and Governance.

Zeinab Hammoud: Finance Manager

Meet Zeinab Hammoud

Zeinab is the Finance Manager at Edara Systems. She distributes the financial resources of the company, is responsible for the budget planning, and supports the executive management team by offering insights and financial advice that will allow them to make the best business decisions for the company.

Zayed Bensouda: Director of Operations

Meet Zayed Bensouda

Bringing his extensive experience and expertise in the areas of communications, advocacy and brand management, Zayed oversees Edara Systems’ public outreach and communications as its senior communication official. Zayed also leads the team responsible for developing communication strategies that help advance Edara Systems’ efforts to make its revolutionary turnkey solutions known to all industry relevant stakeholders. With over two decades of international experience under his belt, Zayed oversees the development, key messaging and brand integrity, and media engagement. He holds a BBa in Mass Communication from The University of Southern Queensland, a BBs in Business Administration from DeVry Univerity (USA), as well as a Master’s in Information Technology from Kaplan University (USA).

Mark Caton: Director of Business Development

Meet Mark Caton

As the Director of Business development at Edara Systems, Mark leads the company’s sales team. His passion for the construction industry and vast experience across telemarketing, marketing and sales have given him the aptitude and ability to create and execute Edara’s clever business development strategies. Throughout his career Mark has represented and advocated for members of both the Civil Contractors Federation and the Housing Industry Association. In these roles he was able to develop strong relationships with contractors and stakeholders in the construction industry which have been invaluable to the growth of Edara across new markets. Mark holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Swinburne University.

Rajiv Gandhi: Project Manager (Software Engineering)

Meet Rajiv Gandhi

As a Software Engineering Project Manager at Edara Systems, he has delivered enterprise-grade projects for some of the world’s largest institutions in construction as well as various other fields. Rajiv joined Edara Systems in 2016 as a software developer and quickly advanced to become a Software Project Manager. He holds a Master’s in Computer Applications from Anna University.

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