Injury management system & managing workers compensation

Less loss, more management

Handling the many demands surrounding injury management system and managing workers compensation requires consistent awareness and diligence and can be a full-time job in itself. Our years of experience have afforded us an unparalleled depth of knowledge in this area and we therefore are able to service any need or concern, no matter how seemingly complicated or severe.


The Edara Systems injury management system team offers the following comprehensive range of services:

injury management system

24/7 injury reporting hotline

workers compensation software

24/7 dedicated RTW Coordinator

workers compensation software

Access to our own doctors

workers compensation software

Claims lodgment

workers compensation software

Managing EML and iCare

workers compensation software

Appointment management

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24/7 injury reporting hotline; Injury management system

Emergencies aren’t always avoidable but they are manageable when you have access to assistance, 24 hours, 7 days a week. This easy access ensures that all appropriate steps are taken so as to ensure the best safety for the injured party and to eliminate the possibility of no-notification penalty. Upon calling, our experts will give you exact, to-the-second instructions on handling the situation, so as to preserve the integrity of the incident site, provide care to the injured party and ensure an inspector arrives in a timely fashion – all while making sure you and your coworkers are calm and cared for.


 How to become a return to work coordinator? 24/7 dedicated RTW

Injured or ailing employees recovering at work need support, sometimes at times outside the standard business day. So too do employees need support in meeting obligations as required under managing workers compensation legislation. Our return-to-work coordinator has the skill, training and experience to ensure the smooth sailing of all RTW-related timelines and work plans – so that you remain compliant and coordinated at all times. And by all times, we mean literally, as they are available 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Access to our own doctors

The management of work-related injuries, RTW timelines and workers compensation management is only as good as the associated medical professional. Finding the right doctor that can be trusted is difficult enough, let alone finding one with relevant experience with the industry. Luckily, Edara Systems comes with access to our hand-picked doctors, all of whom we trust and who have years of relevant experience. Turning to our doctors means that worker health and safety is maintained and lost time injury (LTI) is minimised.


Injury management system and claims lodgment

Lodging a workers compensation management claim isn’t merely a matter of filling out a form. It’s a multi-faceted process that requires knowledge of government legislation, eligibilities, responsibilities, insurances, licenses and treatment options. Sometimes, even selecting the right kind of lodgment can be confusing. When we lodge for you, we ensure that your claim adheres to every principle and all criteria, so that you are applying for the right kind of compensation while fulfilling all necessary tasks and requirements associated with that claim. In other words, we make a difficult time and a difficult process that much easier.


Managing workers compensation, EML and iCare

Managing injuries requires ongoing administrative attention, particularly when it comes to workers insurance. We at Edara Systems have forged a strong bond with both EML and iCare, so as to ensure that you and your employees receive the fairest possible protection. In other words, we implement, maintain and upgrade all insurance-related and compensation requirements so as to keep every single individual safe and satisfied.


Appointment management; Injury management system

Throughout the injury management system, workers compensation management and return to work processes, we make and manage all associated appointments to ensure all timelines run as planned. These include doctor’s appointments, as well as those related to physiotherapy and imaging.

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