The OFSC consultancy procedure in Australia

The OFSC consultancy procedure in Australia


The Office of the Federal Safety Commission (OFSC) was created in 2005 following the regulations outlined by the Royal Commission for the building and construction industry. OFSC provides the best practices for head contractors in projects that are funded by the Commonwealth so that a system-based approach to safety can be intermingled into daily operations. The aim of OFSC is to promote improved workplace health and safety standards throughout Australia. Iso 45001 certification is about health and safety. For more information, you can read the related articles about iso 45001 on the website.

These best practices are backed by the Australian Government Building and Construction Work Health and Safety Act Accreditation Scheme. The scheme aims to urge building and construction companies to adhere to multiple reporting and operational practices so that site safety can be enhanced.

OFSC accreditation is one of the most strenuous accreditation to achieve for companies. It is now a requirement to obtain OFSC accreditation if you want to bid for valuable Commonwealth-funded tenders. Without OFSC accreditation, your business may not be qualified to tender for government contracts.

Get familiar with OFSC goals

The goal of the OFSC is to create, implement, administer and promote a Work Health and Safety (WHS) accreditation scheme for Australian government building and construction work. This goal has five main functions:

  • Disseminate appropriate and factual information about the scheme.
  • Promote the advantages of implementing the scheme.
  • Ensure that upcoming buildings are in compliance with the requirements of the national construction code.
  • To promote the principles of WHS in all the areas of Australia, especially related to building work.
  • Administer and facilitate the WHS accreditation scheme.

Essentially, the scheme urges buildings and construction companies to adhere to a range of operational and reporting practices to improve the safety of the sites, the health of its buildings and the trust of its workers. As the scheme is subject to specific financial restraints, only larger corporations and builders can become accredited under the scheme.

Moreover, the scheme’s implementation enables the Australian government to utilise its influence and authority as a major provider of capital and significant construction client to improve the performance of WHS across Australia. The aim is to foster an improved culture where any construction work can be performed safely, within budget and on time.

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Why do you need an OFSC consultant? To avoid confusion

It is helpful to hire a third-party safety consultant as the OFSC regulations are intricate and complex. The regulations of the OFSC can overwhelm any person who is trying to understand or implement them. To someone who does not have experience in the field, the rules may seem new, and the regulations may seem difficult to stay on top. If a novice individual is made in charge of safety, they may miss potential changes. Whether you are a member of the management, a business owner or someone with safety responsibilities, an OFSC consultant will help you understand the scheme’s requirements. A safety consultant will help you understand the importance of safety within your workplace, helping to create a proactive safety culture and enhance the commitment of everyone at your company. They have the appropriate tools and experience to motivate, train and engage your employees, so everyone takes safety seriously.

A consultant will have the necessary capability to conduct an appropriate hazard assessment and deliver safety and health training for your employees. In addition, a consultant can inform you about the iso 27001 price and other certifications in Australia.

What are the OFSC consultancy services and procedures?

OFSC consultancy services and site audits assist companies through the entire accreditation process against the Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme, including:

  • Providing full support for the OFSC accreditation scheme, including designing and developing your procedures, WHS forms and manuals.
  • Reviewing your current WHS management schemes and comparing them against the OFSC management scheme and hazard criteria.
  • Reviewing, modifying and improving your existing WHS system to meet OFSC scheme criteria.
  • Providing you with practical steps, assistance and implementation advice so that you can smoothly achieve OFSC accreditation.
  • Assisting you with off-shore organisations seeking entry into the Australian civil and construction markets.
  • Assisting you with completing the OFSC scheme application.
  • Auditing your sites against the OFSC criteria. 
  • Conducting the OFSC accreditation surveillance audit.
  • Facilitating safety-in-design workshops.
  • Assisting you with closing-out corrective actions identified in the OFSC audit.

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Know the OFSC criteria in detail

To become accredited, an organisation must meet the following Federal Safety Commission scheme criteria:

  • WHS training and competency of all employees to deal with safety risks.
  • Demonstrating senior management’s commitment to WHS.
  • Integrating safe design principles into your risk management processes.
  • Having effective WHS consultation and communication channels throughout your project.
  • Demonstrating effective sub-contractor WHS management.

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Edara System; the best OFSC consultant in Australia

The Office of the Federal Safety Commission focuses on providing best practices for head contractors in Commonwealth-funded building projects so that safety and security can be improved throughout Australia. The scheme urges construction companies to adhere to multiple reporting and operational practices. The OFSC consultants are professionals with various qualifications and experience with the requirements of the scheme. They conduct a hazard assessment and provide training for your employees to create a proactive safety environment in your organisation.

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