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What is the role of an ISO consultant?


To understand the role of an ISO consultant, let us use an example. Similar to how you can lose weight by exercising and dieting on your own but the results are always variable and erratic. Engaging with a coach helps you lose weight in a systematic and structured manner. More importantly, you do not gain back the weight that you lost after you return to your normal life. In the same manner, engaging with an ISO consultant ensures that your certification process is smooth, systematic and structured, but, most importantly, it makes certain that you do not encounter recurring problems in your operations. In other words, an ISO consultant will make your management system healthy, sustainable and efficient so that even without their guidance, it will still remain viable and beneficial to your organisation. In this article, we talk about the role of an ISO consultant and why you should not attempt to implement a management system on your own.

What is an ISO certification, and why is it important for your organisation?

Before we jump into the role and the importance of an ISO consultant, it is critical to understand why ISO certifications are beneficial for any organisation.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) publishes standards that amalgamate advice from technical experts in different fields so that organisations can implement these recommendations to create flexible management systems that enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. The end result of implementing this management system is that it produces benefits for both the customers and the organisation. The customers can remain assured about the quality, safety and functionality of the products/services that they use, whereas organisations get repeated business because of improved customer loyalty.

Any organisation that implements the recommendations of an ISO standard like ISO 9001, can get certified by undergoing an external audit conducted by a third-party certification body. This is beneficial for organisations, as it showcases their commitment to serving their customers, enhancing the efficiency of their operation and putting the quality of their products and services first. Therefore, acquiring certification can help the organisation enjoy benefits such as better brand credibility, better stakeholder confidence, better customer confidence and increased revenue.

However, acquiring certification is not a simple task. The problem lies in the manner in which the requirements have been explained in the standard. As the management systems had to be flexible enough to be applicable to organisations of all sizes, structures, complexities and industries, they have been written in a generalised yet technical manner. To a novice, this may seem mind-boggling. This is where an ISO consultant comes into play. The role of an ISO consultant is to bridge the gap between the theoretical and real-world application of ISO standards.

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Role of ISO consultant; ISO consultants roles and responsibilities

As ISO consultants have formally studied the requirements of different standards, they are experts in breaking down the technical jargon into practical and applicable steps. If you, as a business owner or a member of the management, attempt to implement the recommendations and develop your management system without any experience, it is very likely that you will overlook certain important requirements. Consequently, you will fail to meet compliance, and you could potentially drain your company’s resources into a mismanaged certification attempt. Hiring an ISO consultant helps to save resources, time and effort, allowing you to focus on your roles and responsibilities and not get bogged down by the certification process. Also they give you suitable information about ISO certification cost and obtaining process.

 iso consultant roles and responsibilities

The importance of ISO consultant; Add value to your organisation

In addition to simplifying the requirements of the standard, an ISO consultant plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of your organisation.

See, ISO certification is more than just a piece of paper; it actually adds value to your organisation. If you create a management system based on the recommendations of the standard, your processes become streamlined and lean. This allows you to identify areas of redundancy and reduce waste. Another core requirement of the ISO standard is to conduct self-assessment and periodic evaluation, which allows you to identify areas of improvement. Exploring these areas can lead to maximised business growth.

However, when you do not have formal training in the ISO standard like an ISO consultant does, you will not be able to implement industry-specific best practices in your operations. If you do not customise the requirements as per the unique needs of your organisation, you are going to have a generic management system that will create limited benefits. A customised management system based on the recommendations of a trained, experienced, and reputable ISO consultant will help you generate unlimited benefits.

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The procedure of ISO consultancy; How to get ISO certification?

An ISO consultant will observe how your business processes actually work and interview process owners to identify areas where corrective actions would improve the functionality of your business operations. Based on their findings, they will design, implement, test, monitor and rectify your management system, going on to provide appropriate training to your personnel so that they can interact with the management system effectively. This allows you to not only meet the compliance requirements for any kind of ISO certification, like ISO 14001 requirements, but also build a beneficial and effective management system.

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The benefits of having an ISO consultant; effortless ISO obtaining

Engaging with an ISO consultant helps to make a certification process smooth, systematic, structured and effective, allowing you to build a management system that is actually beneficial to you. You can count on Edara System professional consultants in ISO certification obtaining process.

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