what are the benefits of ISO 9001?

What are ISO 9001 benefits for customers?


We know that you are aware of the common benefits of ISO 9001, including better cost savings, business growth, employee engagement, employee productivity, better managerial insight, data-driven decision-making, more enormous profits and reduced waste. However, have you ever wondered what are ISO 9001 benefits for customers? In this article, we attempt to answer this question.

What is an ISO 9001 certificate? Quality Management System

Before opening up the answer of “what are ISO 9001 benefits for customers?” Let’s talk about the ISO 9001 certification. The ISO 9001 standard was created to help organisations consistently deliver high-quality products or services that exceed the expectations of their target audience. The standard aims to create standardisation in their processes, and organisations are guided to develop a Quality Management System (QMS) that continuously reviews the processes to uncover inherent inefficiencies and hidden opportunities. Whenever organisations implement a QMS based on the recommendations of ISO 9001, they achieve compliance, and when they undergo a certification audit, they acquire ISO 9001 certificate. In this way, they can use benefits of ISO 9001 and improve their organisation.

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What is the ISO 9001 certification process?

Certification is granted if no significant non-conformances are identified that could potentially lead to a failure of the QMS. To ensure that there are no significant non-conformances, organisations are urged to conduct regular internal audits and present their findings to the top leaders in management reviews. Additionally, to achieve compliance, the quality policy, objectives and targets should be aligned with the standard’s recommendations and documents that provide evidence of management’s commitment towards continual improvement. To facilitate the certification process, many organisations hire an ISO 9001 consultant who helps business owners align their documents and streamline their processes and examine the ISO certification cost.

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Benefits of ISO 9001 for customers; Reliable products and quality

Before we dive into the answer of “what are ISO 9001 benefits for customers?”. Let us try to understand the psychology of a customer. Your clients are simple organisms. They only want three things:

  1. They want the products or services they are paying for to be worth their money, which means that they are functional, practical and reliable.
  2. They want that every time they make a repeated purchase, they get the same experience, which means there is consistency in the quality.
  3. Although this is rare, customers want the company to launch newer products or services because they have learnt to trust their quality.

ISO 9001 helps address all of these requirements. Let us understand how:

  • Safe, effective and reliable products/services: One of the core requirements of ISO 9001 is that managers conduct a detailed assessment of the processes, removing redundancies and simplifying the overall processes. The processes must incorporate industry-specific best practices to produce innovative products and services at par with international standards. Additionally, they are asked to put controls in place so that the quality never deteriorates. Moreover, the top management is asked to provide adequate support to the employees so that they can do their tasks in the form of additional training, allocation of resources or instructions to work with the QMS. Furthermore, to consistently deliver on target and to align organisational efforts, managers are asked to clearly define the characteristics of the desired quality in the form of a quality policy, design specifications and objectives. As a consequence of all these steps, there is a guarantee that the products or services produced will be safe, effective and reliable. An ISO 9001 consultant can help organisations pass these steps effortlessly.
  • Consistency in quality: As the management conducts regular reviews and assessments, they can find risks before they develop into hazards that could damage the quality of the products or services. Additionally, the controls in place ensure that the quality is never compromised. This is highly beneficial for clients, as they can experience the same level of quality, reliability and safety every time they purchase from your organisation. This helps them solve the gruesome decision fatigue, as now customers know that not one but all of your products are safe and reliable.
  • Customer feedback: ISO 9001 urges managers to implement a system to go through all customer interactions. Managers are also asked to engage with employees, including the sales department. Hence, by going through the customer interaction data and the data collected via salespeople, managers acquire insightful data about the target audience’s needs. Moreover, since they have an actual snapshot of their organisation, they can modify their products/services or create new strategies. This is extremely beneficial for customers, as they have a method to voice their opinions and assurance that it is not falling on deaf ears.

Lastly, ISO 9001 also provides a system for customers to request auditing information about the organisation in case they are sceptical about how the processes are operating or how the quality of the products/services are being maintained. This is known as a third-party audit. However, in reality, many organisations that adopt ISO 9001 rarely get a request from clients about a third-party audit, as client satisfaction rates are high. By conducting ISO 9001 requirements, organisations can get the certificate and keep their customers satisfied with the quality improvement.

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Benefit from the ISO 9001 with the help of Edara Systems consultant

In this article, we have disccused the answer to “what are ISO 9001 benefits for customers?” question. The benefits of ISO 9001 for customers include enjoying safe, efficient and reliable products, experiencing the same level of quality with every purchase and having a system in place to voice their opinions. If you are willing to get your company ISO certified and benefit from this useful certification, just fill the pop-up form on this page to contact Edara Systems professional consultants.

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