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What is ISO 27001 stage 2 audit?


Your Information Security Management System (ISMS) can keep your sensitive data confidential, integral, authentic, safe and protected from cyber threats only if you clear your certification and obtain your ISO 27001 certificate. However, the journey to acquire certification is long and filled with obstacles. The challenges that you must look out for are the stage one and stage two ISO 27001 audit. In this article, we will talk about the certification process and how you can prepare for the audits by collecting ISO 27001 stage 2 audit checklist and give examples of some tools you can use to enhance your preparedness.

What is the ISO Certification Process?

Irrespective of your chosen standard, the ISO certification process remains the same. First, business owners, on their own or under the guidance of an ISO consultant, must understand each of the clauses of their chosen ISO standard. A gap analysis should be conducted to identify the differences between the current practices and those outlined in the ISO. Based on these differences, business owners can either modify current practices or rebuild entirely new ones. At this stage, they will have a rudimentary management system. To test the management system’s efficiency, business owners must conduct an internal audit to see if the processes are operating as expected.

Armed with the internal audit results, business owners can then consult a certification body to acquire their chosen ISO certificate. The certification body will then conduct the certification/external audit in two phases, where in stage one, the organisation’s document will be reviewed. In stage two, the actual processes will be verified. Obviously, as we are talking about ISO 27001, both these audits will be focused on the technicalities of the control put in to enhance the safety of sensitive data.

ISO 27001 audit process

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ISO 27001 Stage One Audit

In the stage one audit of ISO 27001, which is often called a documentation review, the auditor will review the policies and the documented processes to establish whether they are in line with the requirements of ISO 27001. ISO 27001 consultancy can help you with this stage.

Most experts consider this stage to be more of a “pre-assessment” or reconnaissance audit, as the auditor does a high-level review of the documents and the ISMS to establish whether the internal audit program is effective. Essentially, the stage one audit is completed to determine if the ISMS has met the standard’s minimum requirements and if the organisation is ready for the upcoming certification audit or the more strict stage two audit. This audit identifies any potential improvements or non-conformities in the ISMS.

iso 27001 stage 1 audit checklist; reviewing documents

ISO 27001 Stage Two Audit

Stage two audit is often referred to as the “meat of the certification audit.” During ISO 27001 certification stage two audit, the auditor will conduct a detailed on-site assessment to establish if the organisation and its ISMS are complying with the requirements of ISO 27001. Additionally, the auditor will be actively looking for evidence that the organisation is following the documentation that was reviewed during the stage one audit, meaning if the recommendations provided have been incorporated into the practices. The auditor also reviews the ISO 27001 stage 2 audit checklist and provides customer feedback regarding any hidden non-conformities. If everything is in order, the auditor will issue a certificate stating that your ISMS complies with ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 Checklist

Now that you have gained an understanding of the ISO 27001 certification process, you understand how important it is to implement the ISMS as per the standard’s recommendations and conduct internal audits. The problem is that business owners do not have the experience or the expertise to implement the management system on their own and to conduct an efficient internal audit that identifies underlying nonconformities. So, ISO 27001 stage 2 audit checklist and stage 1 audit checklist, becomes a boon as they help business organisations understand what resources are needed to erect a robust ISMS effectively.

ISO 27001 audit checklist

ISO 27001 Self-Assessment Checklist

After understanding ISO 27001 meaning, ISO 27001 self-assessment checklist can be of a variety of types, helping business owners understand the resources they need, the steps of the implementation process, the internal audit techniques or the intricacies of Annex A. Regardless of the type of checklist, ISO 27001 self-assessment checklist is formatted so that even business owners with little to no experience with ISO standards can utilise the form to understand where they are lacking and how they can make actionable plans to materialise their information security goals.

ISO 27001 Annex A Checklist

Annex A is an essential instrument for managing information security risk as it contains a list of security controls that can be utilised to strengthen the ISMS. Essentially, this checklist will focus on all 14 domains of ISO 27001 controls, helping business owners understand which controls apply to their individual circumstances. The ISO 27001 Annex A checklist is specially curated, utilising the pertinent advice of experienced ISO 27001 consultants, helping business owners reap the benefits of hiring a consultant without splurging on one. ISO 27001 process audit will be faster with the help of ISO consultants.

Edara Systems; ISO 27001 consultants

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Stage one ISO  27001 audit is more focused on the documents, whereas ISO 27001 stage 2 audit checklist emphasises the feasibility of the processes in real life. To enhance your preparedness for the certification audit, you can utilise the ISO 27001 checklist, such as the ISO 27001 Annex A checklist, that helps you understand the controls that would be helpful to your circumstances.

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