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ISO 27001 certification cost in Australia


The cost of obtaining the ISO 27001:2022 standard for your organisation depends on the size of the company, audit days, and scope. As an average guide, the cost of obtaining ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management Systems certification in Australia is around $10,000 for an SME.

Sooner rather than later, organisations will have to become certified to ISO 27001:2022 when it becomes mandatory for all government and commercial tenders, especially when this involves companies that store and deal confidential, private, and/or critical information. We, as the leading  ISO consultants in Australia can help you to obtain ISO 27001:2022 certification for your organisation at a cost of around $15,000.

3 Main steps of obtaining ISO 27001 certification in Australia

The process of obtaining ISO 27001 and maintaining the ISO 27001 certification in Australia consists of 3 main steps, each of which is attainable through different approaches with varying resource requirements. In this article, we attempt to clarify the different elements involved, the considerations that impact them, and the cost implications of each approach.

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Design and implementation raise ISO 27001 certification

The complexity level of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) ‘s design depends significantly on the organisation’s information security needs and the nature of the information assets they are trying to protect. But what is ISO 27001 and why is it important to note that the design and implementation phase constitutes the foundational legwork? It is because that will determine the course of the remaining steps. It is therefore advised to ensure that it is completed thoroughly. There are two different routes organisations can opt for when it comes to the design and implementation of an ISMS:

Using internal resources to reduce the cost of ISO 27001 certification

If your organisation can afford to pull staff members from their regular duties to tackle this project, you may choose to do so. You will need to become familiar with the benefits of ISO 27001 and create a task force in charge of the laborious task of learning the fundamental concepts of the ISO 27001 certification until they have a clear understanding of the requirements and how they apply to your organisation specifically. For the internal preparation audit, larger organisations may assign an impartial staff member from a different department to perform the audit. In this case, this process will only cost your organisation in terms of the down time of that employee’s absence from their duties.


If you choose to go with this route, this phase will cost your organisation in terms of productivity. Typically, this can be managed when the organisation is already running an Information Security Management System.

Using external resources effects on ISO 27001 cost

Most SMEs, who typically operate on just enough staff for operating the business, may be unable to adopt the first option because their employees already have their plates full with their daily responsibilities. This is why it is more common for organisations to hire an expert ISO 27001 certification consultant such as Edara Systems. Again, when using an ISO 27001 consultant, there is no one standard fee that is charged across the board. Consultant’s fees are based on the volume of work involved in designing and implementing your ISMS and various other factors such as:

  1. The extent of existing documentation
  2. Amount of organisational ISO 27001 processes
  3. Amount of time required for implementation

As previously stated, most SME’s do not employ extra human resources to go with the in-house option, nor do they have the expertise for it. That is why it is more common for organisations to hire an external ISO 27001 consulting firm to handle this part of the process. Opting for a consulting firm offers the benefit of receiving an expert, unbiased assessment from an industry professional who is well versed in the conformance and non-conformance of the ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management standard.

Risk assessment and internal audit

After properly assessing risk, the next step is to conduct an independent internal audit to determine if you are ready for the external audit. It is similar to having someone check your level of preparedness before a big exam. Again here, there are two options to choose from.

External audit and certification

The certification process is handled by an auditor appointed by the Certification Body and starts with a review of your documentation to ensure that you have correctly implemented the appropriate controls from ISO 27001:2022’s Annex A Controls. Next, the auditor will conduct an on-site audit to evaluate the procedures in practice.

Understanding The Cost To Maintain ISO 27001 Compliance

If the auditor deems that your organisation satisfies the ISO 27001 requirements, they will recommend the Certification Body to issue you with your certificate. Please note, expert consultants such as Edara Systems offering an A to Z service will have a certification expert sit with you throughout this phase to ensure a seamless process from the beginning stages to final certification.


ISO 27001 Assessment Cost

Surveillance audits

Contrary to what one might think, obtaining your certification is not the end of the process. Similar to the procedure of  ISO 9001 certification, the journey for developing and implementing an Information Security Management System is one of continual improvement because of the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape. To maintain certification, your organisation must undergo two surveillance audits, one in year one and one in year 2 (post-certification), before undergoing the recertification audit in year 3.

The average $ ranges for surveillance audits:

Consultant fees = 2,000 – 4,000

Certification Body fees in $ = 3,000 –5,000

In conclusion, the cost of the ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management standard may vary based on your organisation’s particulars. To get an accurate price, contact a consultant from Edara Systems for an obligation-free quote for ISO27001 certification in Australia.

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